Rustig de tijd om ... te studeren? Ja, relaxed studeren dat kan jij! Een hierin goed ingevoerde student geeft op de site van ZenHabits studietips.

  • Metaphors and Analogy "… Create your own metaphors for different ideas…".
  • Visceralization ."… the goal here is to envision an abstract idea as something more tangible. Not just by imagining a picture, but by integrating sounds, textures and feelings …" (eigenlijk soort bewuste synaesthesie dus! – lees CC)
  • The 5-Year Old Method "… Imagine you had to explain your toughest subject to a 5-year old. Now practice that….how would you explain the broader concepts in simpler terms a child would understand?..."
  • Diagramming "… Mind-mapping … as a way of retaining information...that’s the process of starting with a central idea and brainstorming adjacent connections…".
  • Storytelling to Remember Numbers and Facts "…The dot was a code that the snake used…".- deze is te moeilijk voor Confabula - graag uitleg in taal voor 5-jarigen.
  • The Way We Were Taught to Learn is Broken "…Children are imaginative, creative and, in many ways, the epitome of this rapid learning strategy … most people eventually suppress this instinct…the irony is that maybe if that childlike, informal way of learning came back, even just in part, perhaps more people would succeed on those very tests. Or at least enjoyed the process of learning…"
Ook hier in Club Confabula:'Mellow Study studenten' / 'studeren & sport' / 'studenten mediteren'

'geloof in je groei' / en 'muziek als studiebooster (incl Mozart)'

Meer mooie tips? Deel het hier!
Feb '10

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