Als we het toch over de media en stigmatisering hebben: Britney Spears: "...The fall of the pop princess; "" ...Britney’s meltdown"; "Britney’s crazy week"; "Britney Spears has quickly gone from pop sensation to mother in crisis (…) impulsively shaving her head, raging at a car with an umbrella, spending a month in rehab (…) recent weeks, Spears continued her happy-go-lucky ways, and failed to comply with the judge's orders (…)". Duidelijk, met Britney gaat het niet goed. En intussen: "(…) the paparazzi follow the pop star’s every move. Find out which photograph was worth $300,000. Where is Britney mentally at this point? (…)" . Hoe Britney ook in elkaar zit - voor nu: give Britney a break.

8 Okt '07

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