Een bewezen behandeling voor claustrofobie is exposure in vivo. Hierbij wordt geoefend in kleine stapjes waarbij iemand steeds meer in aanraking komt met waar hij bang voor is en de situaties steeds 'erger' worden. Uiteindelijk dooft de angst uit. Een voorbeeld van hoe exposure in vivo claustrofobie kan doen verminderen, uit het interview op CNN Larry King- met Paris Hilton (28-6-’07):
'KING: Now what -the other day, Sheriff Baca, in fact yesterday, testified before the L.A. City Council when he released you from - he released you, because you had an illness that he was very concerned about. And everyone was wondering what that was. What was it?
HILTON: Well, I suffer from claustrophobia my entire life. And when I first got in that cell, I was having severe panic attacks, anxiety attacks. My claustrophobia was kicking in. I wasn't sleeping; I wasn't eating. It was -- the doctors talked to the sheriff and he could see that it would be better if I just get out in house arrest.
KING: How did you cure the claustrophobia?
HILTON: I just had to deal with it. I didn't know, you know, if I was going to be there, I had to make the best of it. So I meditated. I read letters. I wrote in my journal. And I would just close my eyes and literally pretend that I was somewhere else, just imagining like I was in some, like, special place sometimes. It was really difficult, but I've made it through.
KING: Are you now cured?
HILTON: Of claustrophobia?
KING: You must be.
HILTON: Well, now that I'm out of there, yes.'

Juli '07

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