JELGERSMALEZING -- How the brain encodes a fear memory

CC’s - een snel bericht: Dinsdag 8 maart a.s organiseren we weer een Jelgersmalezing!
In collegezaal 4, locatie K1-S, LUMC, van 16.15 - 17.30 uur.
Deze middag spreekt Prof.dr. Steven Kushner, hoogleraar psychiatrie van het Erasmus MC. Titel lezing: 'How the brain encodes a fear memory: competition within neural networks mediates selection’. "Over a century of neuroscience has identified specific brain regions that are required for the acquisition and long-term storage of a learned response. However, in a given brain region, only a subset of neurons in each of these brain regions undergoes identifiable plastic changes. Computational models of learning also predict that for every experience encoded by the brain, only a subset of neurons can be modified to preserve a high capacity for information storage. Our studies now demonstrate a novel mechanism by which neurons compete for participation in the neuronal network which encodes a memory. Further, we demonstrate that a stable fear memory requires the integrity of these selected lateral amygdalaneurons. Together, our results highlight a critically important property of memory formation, and provide a unique opportunity for intervention in mental disorders stemming from traumatic experiences".
Ook jij bent van harte welkom – het is incl koffie/thee en een minikoekje!


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